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19. Nov, 2021

Bifacial solar modules use both direct irradiation on the front side and indirect light on the back side to generate electricity. In our blog post we take a closer look at how bifacial modules work.

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08. Nov, 2021

On October 1st, 2021, Krannich Solar USA official opened its doors to their new branch in Longwood, Florida!

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17. Oct, 2021

The silicon metal prices increased by 300% since the start of August 2021, due to orders passed by Yunnan province to not exceed silicon production by 10% of the August output. This is affecting the solar industry on a massive scale.

by Kamini Yadav

16. Aug, 2021

Container shortages and high freight rates are currently causing major challenges - for the PV market but also for other industries. What are the reasons? We take a look at it.

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29. Jul, 2021

The semiconductor material silicon is experiencing a boom worldwide. Digitization and lockdowns pushed up the chip demand worldwide. Demand is high, supply is low. What does this mean for the PV market?

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