Krannich Solar PV News
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28. Nov, 2018

From the roof to the car: E-mobility solutions as the next step towards self-consumption optimisation

by Maik Wünsche
product, residential, commercial

09. Nov, 2018

For everyone who likes things to look nice: Solar roof tiles allow photovoltaics to be merged with conventional roof optics.

by Maik Wünsche
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26. Sep, 2018

SolarEdge takes the plunge into the commercial sector and, with new inverters, makes it possible to implement large-scale systems cost-effectively.

by Maik Wünsche
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31. Aug, 2018

For flat roofs with low load-bearing limit, K2 Systems has continually been developing solutions for many years and is now bringing out the fifth generation S-Dome V and D-Dome V.

by Anita Hartmeyer
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29. Aug, 2018

A reliable supply, even in the event of a power failure: emergency power systems combined with PV can be installed easily and are now also compatible with numerous manufacturers.

by Maik Wünsche