Krannich Solar PV News

07. Jul, 2021

Some of our colleagues were on the rooftops this spring for a PV installation course and report on their experiences.

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25. Jun, 2021

Which raw material is essential for solar modules and the conversion of sunlight into electricity? We take a look at the production and value chain of solar modules.

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24. Jun, 2021

The solar sector is leveraging technologies to follow a sustainable path. For instance, an innovative hybrid inverter with battery storage will boost solar PV to become more efficient and powerful than before. Battery storage systems are evolving as one of the key solutions to effectively integrate high shares of solar in power systems across the globe.

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15. Jun, 2021

Internationally, photovoltaics is on the rise and the PV value chain is also global. This brings advantages, but - especially at the moment - also challenges.

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11. Jun, 2021

Bigger, better, more power. Learn more about the newcomer modules in the Krannich portfolio in our blog post.

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