09. Mar, 2018
A module can break, but what if exactly this product is no longer manufactured? How to find the right replacement module for your PV system... we will be happy to advise you!
by Maik Wünsche

14. Feb, 2018

In addition to selling and installing PV systems, there is often little time for good marketing measures to put the company or the products in the right light.
Do you occasionally ask yourself how you can optimally present your services and products in order to generate attention and interest among your customers?
We offer the solution!

by Sina Glaser

06. Feb, 2018

On the one hand, many system operators want to generate as much solar power as possible on their roof. But the area is limited and cannot simply be enlarged. On the other hand, 60-cell solar modules are very widespread in the market and are often offered as the only alternative. But are they always the best solution?

by Anita Hartmeyer

29. Jan, 2018
Since the Tenant Electricity Act passed in 2017, tenant electricity models have become increasingly important. However, since the topic is still relatively new, there are still many gaps in information among tenants, home owners and installers.
by Anita Hartmeyer

23. Jan, 2018
NA protection (mains and system protection) has the function of enabling interference-free and efficient feeding into the public power grid, so that grid stability is guaranteed at all times.
by Maik Wünsche
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