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06. Sep, 2019

Hybrid inverters are this year’s shooting stars, as they are easy to install, flexible in use and yet space saving too. Not only system owners but also installers can benefit from this...

by Anita Hartmeyer
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27. Mar, 2019

Physics makes it possible: Glare-free solar modules generate up to 7 % more yield and are suitable for all places where no reflections may occur, such as airports and densely built-up residential areas.

by Anita Hartmeyer
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22. Mar, 2019

An extremely simple principle enables transformer measurement to record high currents and represents a practical solution for large installations.

by Maik Wünsche
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13. Mar, 2019

SmartHome is still in its infancy - and can already make a major contribution to optimising private consumption. Manufacturers dare to take the first steps towards making networked energy management tangible.

by Maik Wünsche
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20. Dec, 2018

The higher the power requirement, the more important the solar power from the roof becomes. The LG modules offer an efficient solution to this problem. Click here to read more...

by Anita Hartmeyer