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Statement on current political developments in the PV industry in Europe

Statement on the current situation

The current political developments in Europe, the still-present pandemic situation and the shortage of raw materials continue to keep the world in suspense. This does not pass without a trace in our industry – the PV wholesale. We are struggling repeatedly with delivery postponements, price increases from our manufacturers, and freight costs that continue to rise.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there is increased demand for photovoltaics due to the burgeoning energy crisis. As we want to continue to offer you the best quality, our purchasing team is working hard to ensure good product availability and is looking for alternatives that match in quality.

Our CSO Jan Brunner has presented his view of the current situation and suitable solutions in the latest Krannich PV News.

Krannich PV News with Jan Brunner

The current development also requires a new way of thinking from installers. That’s why he appeals to you to have courage to…

• …stock up in order to cushion the continuing supply shortages
• …engage in alternative products to become more flexible
• …pass on the price increases to the end customers

Even in the near future, we do not see any easing of the current situation. Therefore, plan ahead and contact your account manager to coordinate availability. Due to the enormous demand, there is an increased number of requests. We ask for your understanding that there may be a longer processing time here.

Your Krannich Team

06.04.2022 08:20
by Corinna Barthel

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