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Area Sales Representatives (South Germany)

Area Sales Representatives (South Germany)

Our departments introduce themselves – Part 2


Our sales department is also our business card. Our sales colleagues work as a team consisting of our Area Sales Representatives and Area Sales Managers, as well as the Area Sales Assistants and After Sales. With this large team they present Krannich Solar to the outside world. Many of our customers are in close and active communication with their sales contacts. For this reason, we would like to introduce the contact persons to you in a little more detail today. As our Area Sales Representatives Team is quite large, we have decided to divide them into two areas: Southern Germany and Northern /Eastern Germany. Today, our colleagues from southern Germany are introduced.


The Team in South Germany

Luigi Quitadamo

I completed my 2.5-year apprenticeship as a wholesale and export merchant in January 2017 at Krannich Solar. Since then I have been part of the internal sales team, which makes me very happy and proud. I have accepted this new challenge in the internal sales team with motivation and great respect. Since a lot of technical know-how is required in sales and I was able to acquire it quickly, I was immediately assigned my own customers. Together with my field service colleague, I look after an extensive part of Baden-Württemberg. My working day is very diversified, as every planning of a PV system is different and based on the most different customer wishes. Our customer service, which we offer, is highly valued by our clientele. Daily customer contact and a strong bond are very important to me and I am happy to be available for various matters, both private- and business-related.

Jana Kämpf


It is not enough to know - one must also apply.
It is not enough to want - one must also do. - (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Especially in sales, not one day is like the previous one. My work varies and it is a great pleasure for me to learn something new every day. As a direct contact person for the area of Bavaria, I am happy to assist all customers with advice and support.

Juliane Holler

After my apprenticeship, I started directly in the sales department this January. Together with Kathrin and Jana, we are a powerful team. I really enjoy being in direct contact with customers, selecting suitable designs and offers and finding quick solutions together with my team colleagues. In addition, every day brings new surprises and challenges, so there is no lack of variety.

Christian Rumpel

For the last three and a half years, I have been supporting our customers in the postal codes 80 - 89 (except 85) together with Stefan Halle on our products and technical topics. After more than 10 years in the PV universe, I still have the feeling that I am making a difference, for the energy turnaround, and thus for a more sustainable future for all of us. But I am fully aware that such a task can only be accomplished in a team, with my colleagues and of course customers and partners. I think it is a bit like team sports. The better I present, the better the conclusion, we are always more successful together than alone. I think it's especially great when we find the best suitable solutions and alternatives, especially when it's a bit trickier. Flexibility is always required, because sometimes the detour can be the direct way.

It's a great compliment and gives me a good feeling when business customer relationships become more than just a mere exchange of products and figures. I learn new things through the experiences and feedback from "outside". In the morning I don't have that "again" feeling, but rather the "let's go" feeling - a feeling with which I hope to be able to help many more customers with their projects.

Florian Herfs

Currently, I am still doing my apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant. During my time in sales I have noticed that I enjoy working with customers very much and I would like to continue doing so after my apprenticeship. That's why I am already supporting my colleagues from the sales department, so that I can start right away after my apprenticeship and immerse myself in the varied and exciting business of sales.

Irma Körner

I started my apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant at Krannich in 2013. Since 2016, I have been working in the internal sales department, where I look after customers in the postcodes 70, 71, 73 and 75. I particularly like the fact that my customers are so close to our headquarter in Weil der Stadt, which has given me the opportunity to get to know many of them personally. For example, when they come to pick up goods or drop by for a coffee. Sometimes it's a bit stressful when I'm torn away from my work, but mostly I'm just happy to be able to chat a bit and get to know the customers better.

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