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Dome 6 by K2

The new generation of K2 flat roof systems has arrived!

What makes them special is that the most cost-intensive of all components has been optimized: the assembly time! More than 80 % pre-assembled components enable an installation that is more than 70 % faster thanks to innovative socket pin technology. The number of components has also been significantly reduced.

The Dome Speed Spacer, a practical and clever distance gauge, ensures quick and easy alignment of the tracks. Thanks to the now continuous floor track, the assembly of the mounting system can be done separately from the installation of the modules. Reduced screw connections also ensure simpler workflows and further time savings.

As an alternative to ballast, the systems can be securely anchored to load-sensitive and pitched roofs (< 10°) using the Dome Fix Pro Set as a fixed connection.

Are you curious?

In this short video you can see for yourself how quickly and easily the Dome 6 systems from K2 can be installed:


The most important components at a glance:

Mat S + SpeedRail

  • Shear-soft special mat Mat S made of EPDM - suitable for every position
  • No aluminium lamination necessary
  • Takes up and compensates tolerances
  • Improved coefficient of friction reduces ballast
  • Base rail is the proven K2 Speed Rail
  • The now continuous rail facilitates structured work processes


  • Floor rails including elevation already pre-assembled
  • Changed geometry and connections to accommodate larger tolerances
  • No screw connections except for the module clamps

Universal module clamp: MiniClamp MC/EC

  • Flexible clamping range from 30 - 50 mm
  • Compatible with Mini Rail and all dome systems
  • Optional: Potential equalization for module frames with TerraGrif possible

Dome Speed Spacer

  • Flexible distance gauge for quick and easy alignment of the rails on the roof
  • No measuring necessary, just adjust the module length and set the rail distance
  • Suitable for all K2 flat roof systems

Rail Connector

  • Quick and easy connection of the rails
  • No screw connection necessary thanks to socket pin

Dome Fix Pro Set

  • Fixed connection to the roof
  • Reduces the ballast
  • Safe through individual calculation

If you have any questions about the Dome 6 system, you can always contact your personal sales representative. We look forward to your response.

02.10.2020 09:10
by your Krannich Team

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