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Electricity for tenants with Krannich Solar and Discovergy

Electricity for tenants with Krannich Solar and Discovergy

Since the Tenant Electricity Act passed in 2017, tenant electricity models have become increasingly important. However, since the topic is still relatively new, there are still many gaps in information among tenants, home owners and installers.

The new model is primarily aimed at PV systems on houses or cogeneration plants in the basement. Krannich Solar is now working with Discovergy to help installers and electricians implement such models. We focus on knowledge transfer, metering point operation and consumption visualization.

The need for such a partnership became clear after we received many enquiries about the tenant flow both when the law was passed and when it was confirmed by the EU Commission.

Discovergy is the ideal partner for the tenant electricity model, as they offer extensive experience with tenant electricity models as well as a wide range of products and services in connection with tenant electricity models. In this way they help owners to efficiently calculate the tenant flow models, whereby the financial expenditure guarantees sustainable success.

The pillars for this are Discovergy's proven measurement concept, secure billing system and energy transparency.

The Discovergy measurement concept mentioned above is the first competitively used concept in Germany, which underlines the competence of our partner in this area. Another decisive factor for the success of a tenant flow model is to keep operating costs as low as possible. Tariffing, invoicing and auditing can be managed securely and intuitively with Discovergy's billing system, which makes the effort considerably easier.

Therefore Discovergy ideally complements our versatile range of PV modules, mounting systems and storage solutions.

An additional incentive for homeowners to implement a tenant electricity model is a 3.8 cent surcharge per kWh up to a system size of 100 kWp. However, when calculating the electricity price, it must remain 10% below the offer of the local universal supplier.

State levies such as grid usage fees do not apply to directly consumed green electricity. Only VAT and the statutory EEG levy of 7 cents per kilowatt hour are payable. Thanks to the now legally clarified framework conditions, a strongly growing popularity for tenant electricity projects can be expected this year.

29.01.2018 14:57
by Anita Hartmeyer

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