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Half-cut solar modules - High performance with a unique look

Half-cut solar modules - High performance with a unique look

In the overall PV market, half-cut solar modules are increasingly gaining appeal in the area of higher power classes. The advantages over full-cut solar modules are improved hotspot values, as well as reduced power losses in partial shade, for example due to thawing after snowfall.

It makes no difference whether half-cut or full-cut when choosing the inverter.
As the name implies, half-cut cells result from dividing whole solar cells into equally sized parts. You can discover more information about this technology HERE in our previous blog entry.

Besides their sophisticated manufacturing method, half-cut solar modules are often known for their unique look. But how does this come about?


The conductor paths are coated with a reflective EVA layer (ethylene vinyl acetate). Dividing the cells increases the number of spaces between the cells on the surface of the solar module. Depending on the angle of incidence by the sunlight, the light from the solar module is reflected differently, which means multifaceted visual effects can be achieved.

This is not disadvantageous functionally in any way, but rather the visible result of this remarkable technology.

20.09.2019 08:41
by Justin Gann

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