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Information on how NA protection works

Information on how NA protection works

How does NA protection work?

NA protection (mains and system protection) has the function of enabling interference-free and efficient feeding into the public power grid,
to ensure grid stability at all times.


In principle, this has 2 main components:

A measuring device that measures and monitors various electrical values such as voltage and frequency and a switching device consisting of redundant (double) coupling switches so that the device can be electrically disconnected in the event of a fault or when limits are exceeded.

The devices from KACO and Bender below are only the measuring device. Here you have to order the tie breakers separately or, as is possible with some inverters, control the internal switches in the inverter.

Complete solutions:

Eaton's boxes are complete solutions that contain both components. Clearly to see also in the price difference, since the switch is the most expensive component.

They do not differ in purely functional terms, but the performance class must be taken into account when purchasing.


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23.01.2018 14:57
by Maik Wünsche

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