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Innovative visualization of PV monitoring with Solarfox

Innovative visualization of PV monitoring with Solarfox

You burn for solar energy and want to spread your enthusiasm about your solar system to the outside world? Your PV system is installed on your company building, clubhouse or warehouse, but apart from you, no one else will notice your solar system?

Then large displays from Solarfox could be the means of choice to bring your PV system and your commitment to the energy revolution into the consciousness of your stakeholders. Be it your customers or your employees, for example.

Solarfox displays offer a modern and clearly prepared presentation of interesting facts and figures about your solar system. For example, the yields of the PV system in different time periods, as well as the power consumption and the share of own consumption can be displayed - and the CO2 savings are also calculated automatically.

The display is independent of the actual location of the PV system due to an internet-based data transmission. If you should also operate other energy generation systems, such as a wind power plant, in addition to a solar system, you can also display these on the Solarfox monitor.

Furthermore, Solarfox displays can also be used as a notice board, so that you can, for example, show a visitor greeting or advertisement for your company. The content displayed on the monitor can be changed at any time and from anywhere using an online administration.



Solarfox offers interfaces for many monitoring systems and data loggers. This means that the display of cross-manufacturer systems is no obstacle. You can get an overview here.

27.08.2020 12:00
by your Krannich Team

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