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K2 experts day - mountingsystems at an overview

K2 experts day - mountingsystems at an overview

On the K2 Experts Day Axel Klett, from K2 Systems, led in several webinars through the different mounting solutions for different roof types, as well as through the K2 Base planning tool.

From beginners to advanced users, you can view the respective recordings here, which will help you to become a K2 Expert.

In this article you will find the first three notes on the mounting solutions. In the next article we will provide you with the next three videos for the planning tool.


Part 1: Mountingsystems at an overview

In this first webinar, Axel Klett of K2 Systems will give an overview of the different mounting systems and the appropriate solutions for different needs.


Part 2: Mountingsystems at an overview

This part focuses specifically on the various applications on pitched roofs. Axel Klett explains to you which solutions K2 Systems has to offer for mounting on different roof coverings.


Part 3: Mountingsystems at an overview

We continue with flat roof systems and the product developments of K2 Systems designed for them. You will now hear many exciting suggestions for solutions in this area of application from Axel Klett.


07.05.2020 10:18
by your Krannich Team

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