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Krannich at home office: Part 3

Krannich at home office: Part 3

We continue tirelessly! Meanwhile we are already in week 4.


Great! Finally, a daily routine at last!?

As a sales representative you are used to the home office - used to on Mondays and Fridays! On these two days, you don't want to be on the freeways. Every now and then I also like to add another week of home office to catch up with a few things.

Tuesdays till Thursdays are the normal travel days of an Area Sales Manager, but unfortunately it is not possible to make appointments with customers at the moment. It's also not possible to stop by the head office for a coffee between appointments to chat with my colleagues or to pick up something for a customer. Or to organize a customer training in Hausen with our manufacturers.

The contact to the customers is maintained by mobile phone and e-mail. Recently, we have also been working with MS teams - which is also a very interesting means of communication and takes some time to getting used to. Of course - the direct and personal exchange with our customers is irreplaceable in our job.

The positive thing about the whole thing with the home office is: You have a fairly regular daily routine as an Area Sales Manager. No - you're not stuck in traffic jams on the A81 in the late afternoon, hoping to get home in time for training or the gym. You are simply already at home with your family - having lunch together and being home on-time in the evening. Totally stress-free!

I am sure that our team will master the situation brilliantly and there will be times when we will be out and about to see our customers again.
So - until then stay healthy.

Michael – Area Sales Manager


Home office makes it possible

Day 45. Today, I am back in the office for the first time. Empty parking lots and no one at the coffee machine when I get my first cup. Very unusual and strange. People seem to be enjoying the home office, just like me.

I am very pleased about the daily work routine and our teamwork. I can do my work without restrictions, just like in the office. At this point, a big thank you to our IT infrastructure team, who enables us to work from home!

You quickly realize that working from home as a developer has many advantages. You can concentrate on one task without being torn out all the time. Working together, coordinating our work and even meetings are still possible without problems. Microsoft Teams is a great tool for that.

Moreover, working from home has its benefits for the environment and your wallet as I no longer have to commute to work by car. Unfortunately, my enormous coffee consumption quickly compensates the money saved. This makes me appreciate the coffee machine at work even more ;-)

In the meantime, I have been working from home for a few weeks and I am really surprised what has changed:

  • Working on the sunny terrace also has its charm.
  • The cooking skills are improving from day to day.
  • Relaxing walks outside during the lunch break.
  • Alexa has become my new favorite colleague.
  • I got to know my postman. (Nice guy. Finally, I can receive my online orders and don't have to run to the post office to get them.)

Then again, there are things I miss a lot. Like the daily espresso ritual with my team colleagues, for example. Despite all the circumstances, we naturally don't let the mood be spoiled and make the best of the situation. During the video calls, there's always something to laugh about. I think the pictures speak for themselves ;-)

Please stay healthy and keep your heads up!

Florian - Deputy head of Sage Software Development

07.04.2020 12:15
by your Krannich Team

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