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Krannich at home office: Part 4

Krannich at home office: Part 4

Week 5 - and on we go!


Working from home for the Krannich team Belgium?!

We had already felt the effects of China's quarantine measures several weeks earlier. Our most popular modules were sold out immediately. Everyone bought as much as possible in advance. People were skeptical as to whether they could still stock up on goods sufficiently. At that time, we did not know that the virus would spread so quickly everywhere.

The day Italy declared the lockdown, I realized that it would not be long before the virus would reach us. And so, a few days later it was time to go to the home office.

At first glance, working from home seemed to be no problem. The sales representatives regularly work from home. But after only one week, I already had the feeling that this situation was not comparable. I miss visiting customers and talking to people in person. On the phone you can't see their facial expressions, you can't quickly go through our webshop and explain something.

We now communicate weekly via Microsoft teams and are in close contact with our Belgian and Dutch teams via WhatsApp. This makes the working days at home a little easier and more pleasant.

We have noticed that the men in the team have taken on a beard challenge.

This quarantine has ensured that my company car has been thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. The only bad thing is that we are not allowed on the streets now. My car has been parked for several weeks now. I long for the day when I can just drive off again.

I would like to say to all the people who are at home and/or working from home that they should not lose courage and try to stay creative in order not to get bored.

Together we will come out stronger!

Niels - Area Sales Manager Krannich Belgium


Knock knock...

I can't knock on office doors anymore! At our headquarter in Hausen, I'm known for simply "stopping by” other colleagues’ offices which is accompanied by polite knocking. Since probably no one else in the company knocks on doors, everyone knows who is about to appear in the door frame.

Now only Microsoft teams beeps, the phone rings or just a new e-mail pops up...
The communication is limited to conversations that you actually start "consciously". The chat at the coffee machine or even in the smoking area, where rarely unimportant information is exchanged, is no longer possible.

But we continue to do exactly that. You just have to remember to knock "digitally" as well.

In fact, my daily work routine has become much easier thanks to the home office. I no longer have to worry about lunch. During my morning telephone conferences, a plate of fresh fruit suddenly appears at my desk. The annoying long commute to work is no longer necessary and I finally have a little more time for private projects that I have long put off. And that doesn't only apply to taking out the garbage. ;-)

Our cat, Goofie, has already found a place other than my office chair for the daily dose of sleep. Nevertheless, he comes to visit me regularly. Indeed to see if his sleeping place is free - it is not!

I am thrilled with the flexibility and commitment with which my team continues to operate.

A great company, a great team and great colleagues. Because of that our customers hardly notice any difference.

Still, I am looking forward to knocking on office doors again, to coming in and to welcoming my colleagues personally!

Magnus - Head of E-Commerce

14.04.2020 07:32
by your Krannich Team

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