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Krannich at home office: Part 5

Krannich at home office: Part 5

Was there ever a life before the home office?


Living carefully instead of fearfully

I have worked from home for nearly 5 years prior to joining Krannich so this is familiar territory, however I have never been confined to my own home… the current situation here in Sout Africa. This time at home office during our Nations Lockdown has, to me, done more good than bad both locally and on an international level in my opinion and I have learned to live Alert and not Fearful.

Personally the last 5-10 years felt as if time itself had been rapidly speeding up by the hour(if not minute) and there were many days when there was simply not enough time in the day to complete the amount of tasks I set to keep up with workloads. This often left a stressful and overwhelming feeling of what ball am I going to drop or who am I going to disappoint as the level of expectations kept rising. I feel this current global crisis to be a time that I have been able to STOP + RESET and make adjustments to look at life through a new lens and with new perspective after reflecting on the past. Yes, markets have crashed around the world, which is concerning, however there seems to be a global Pause and Reset taking place. The outcome of this is that many relationships between countries are being repaired, and they are helping each other in this time and this is extremely encouraging!

Not much has changed work wise as the majority of my daily activities are performed on digital platforms and this continues with ease thanks to the technology available, although the only difference is that I am not able to get out there and see my customers face to face. We are using other forms of IM apps to keep in direct communication and I feel that this will maintain the already forged working relationships and perhaps strengthen them on a personal note. Even though after 1 week of lockdown, I think reality has sunk in for us here in SA and we are now settling in to this new way of doing things for now and work is picking up again which is great! My two Corona Ninja Defender Dudes are keeping me in line to ensure I provide my clients the Best Possible Service!

I am grateful to be in an industry I feel will bounce back in strength once this pandemic is contained and controlled. Lastly, I am privileged to be a part of the Krannich Solar Family knowing that we have strength as a team both in our local branches and together as a global team.

Dylan – Sales Manager Cape Town


Home office? I like it

More than three weeks ago, our government declared the "extraordinary situation" for the time being up to April 19 and tightened the measures. All shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments are closed until further notice. In supermarkets, the number of customers is strictly controlled, and the citizens are urged to leave the house only in case of emergency. There is currently no curfew. This is the current situation in Switzerland.

I have been working as an assistant to the management at Krannich Solar for a about 7 years. Two years ago, I reduced my workload to 60%. Three days a week I go to work, the other two days I look after our 20-month-old son.

Home office is a completely new experience for me. At first, I was curious how I would manage with it and if I could keep my hands off the household. I never know how the cleaning maniac in me will react when there is chaos at home. But the work went really well and I had no major interruptions (except maybe a cat that meows dramatically from hunger).

What's good about the home office? It is much more relaxed. As my little usually wakes up around 6:15 am, I also get up quite early. Usually that means taking a shower, getting dressed, applying make-up and then heading to the office.

I didn't find that stressful until I started working at home. Getting up, having a relaxed coffee and checking my e-mails first. No time pressure to leave home in time or to get dressed, that has its advantages. Also, the commute to work is eliminated. For me it is only 20 minutes each way. But I do notice the 40 minutes I save anyway. Another plus, you can also enjoy the comfort of being outside. Especially now, after the cold winter months, an hour or two in the spring air feels great.

I did not set up an office for myself, as I only work from home for one day. The other two days I’m still in the office with a small crew which I enjoy. The exchange with the other team colleagues works smoothly. We are a very email- oriented team anyway and so we are still in close contact. We now conduct meetings with the team app. Since I'm still in the office, I don't really feel alone. We spend the lunch break together and have a little social contact.

My conclusion: Home office is a great thing, but I think in the long run I would be too lonely.

Melanie – Assistant to the Management

27.04.2020 10:29
by your Krannich Team

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