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Krannich at home office: Part 6

Krannich at home office: Part 6

As an international company, we have been able to continue business operations almost entirely from our home office for weeks.


Krannich Belgium and Luxembourg: 2020

A Growing Year

It’s now my 4th year with Krannich, and we have grown our team with three new colleagues over the last few months. Now, I must assume I’m the senior of the Belux team (thanks Niels for this title).

Our manager, Bart, organized teambuilding activities for us, as well as trainings and meetings which was a lot of fun and we were able to learn new skills. I, for example, gave karting lessons to the newbies. We got to know each other better and we were able to build a good team.

We had a great time at InterSolution in Gent in January. We’ve seen so many of our customers there, we spend 3 great days in a positive atmosphere.

Then came Corona, first with modules delay, then with our own countries hit by this virus and the lockdown.

Benelux is back

Fortunately, we received support of Germany and also particularly from the Netherlands’s team and manager via Microsoft Team, WhatsApp, and Facetime meetings.

I’m the only French speaking in our team, and even if I speak quite good Dutch (the Belgium one), the Netherland’s Dutch is more difficult, not for the words or the grammar, but all my Dutch colleagues speak so fast, I’m lost in the translation…

But they do their best for me, I discovered their sense of humor, I learn barbecue tips from Sven, and during meetings Elisabetta slows Martin down when he speaks too fast for me :-)

We have created a bond between our teams and it’s so great! Thanks to all colleagues of the Netherlands! But I know Belgium will still win the Soccer Championship… sorry.

Learning time and adaptation

At the moment, I am in close contact to all my customers, I inform them about trainings and webinar. I try to give them the most valuables information and skills during this period.

I talk to them about how we can all keep business running as smoothly as possible during lockdown and without putting anyone at risk and I have a lot of positive feedback.

I talk to them quite a lot, just to keep each other informed, and we have organized our first virtual “aperitif time” to share a drink together, it was so funny.

Family cohabitation

At home, we have to adapt our rhythm, 4 children 24/7, but only one WIFI, one television, one Netflix account…

Fighting for the last slide of pizza, traffic jam to go to the bathroom ( 4 girls/2 boys in the family), not enough chargers for the smartphones… HELP !

And the most challenging is the music my teenagers listen to!!!
The right highway to hell ;-) (oh that’s good music)

I’m kidding, but a good organization is necessary. So we created a board with all tasks, worktime, TV time, which child should bring me my coffee :-D

One board for the whole family ( yes I must also do the dishes) and my wife helps me to handle the children when I need “alone time” for work or for myself.

And it works … my children are all still alive and me too ;-)

And then?

The sun is still shining, spring has come, and we will get back to a better situation as soon as possible, the only good rule is to stay safe right now! In Belgium, our new office is coming, Laure is already busy with painting and we will see each other soon.

The things I want to send you now are positives vibes and energy!

My last words are for Bart.
We miss you, get well, be safe and come back soon

Chris - Area Sales Manager Beglium / Luxembourg


My house is my home office

I have been working in the home office for over 5 weeks now.

I have turned my whole house into my office.

No matter if kitchen, living room, bedroom or my balcony. My workplace is flexible. To avoid monotony, I change the rooms daily. And of course, my daily coffee should not be missing! Luckily the whole business process runs without problems.

A positive side-effect of the home office is that I can sit down every morning at a set breakfast table, and I can start the day with my family comfortably. I enjoy these moments and I am grateful that we are all doing well.

During my breaks I try to watch match summaries of my favorite soccer club Galatasaray as often as possible. This gives me a feeling of normality.

I hope we get through this special time healthy and can soon continue our lives as usual.

Stay at home, stay strong, stay positive and be safe.

Oğuz -Technical Sales Inside Turkey

04.05.2020 11:39
by your Krannich Team

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