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Krannich at home office: Part1

Krannich at home office: Part1

Our colleagues talk about their everyday home office life


A new way of communicating

In my function as head of our Area Sales Team Germany, I am very fortunate not to have to set up my office at home, but to be able to rely on my existing infrastructure in the current situation.

Nevertheless, our daily work routine has also changed, as my entire team is suddenly working from home, instead of driving to our customers.

Now, we hold meetings with both our customers and colleagues via video calls with MS teams. Up until now, telephone conferences without image transmission were common practice for us. After a few initial difficulties, I convinced myself of the advantages of video calls and now see this method of communication as a commercially viable option. Unfortunately, I can only share the can of gummy bears on my desk with myself ;-)

It's really exciting to see how quickly our customers and suppliers pick up and use this way of communicating with each other.

I am curious what this new way of working will mean for the sales department of the future!

Benjamin - Manager Outside Sales


Home office – yes, of course! But with a toddler?

We've been rocking this for over a week now. This is me and my 2.5-year-old son.
This perfect picture, of a super tidy room with a child that is self-absorbed for 6 hours like in the commercials, does not exist here!

The first two days I could have changed my T-shirt after every phone call, because of my son's provocative jumps from the windowsill. Sometimes, I was closer to a nervous breakdown than to anything that has to do with everyday life.

But every day we grow with the challenge. I would even say we have already found ourselves a great routine. We have created a Corona everyday life with which we and my customers get along quite well, I think ;-)

Instead of a coffee in between, I now never miss a garbage collection or sweeper anymore. Fire brigade and racing cars have long since taken a permanent place next to my keyboard.

After a few days of home office, my little man is running around everywhere with a headset, looking forward to the daily conference call in the morning and the walk in the garden afterwards.

Home office with a small child is a balancing act - and by that, I mean that of a prima ballerina! A balancing act between efficiency and care, between productivity and the personal needs of a wild boy. A balancing act between two full-time jobs at once.

But it is also a lot of learning, understanding and above all gratitude.
Gratitude, for the generous consideration we receive from colleagues and customers. And that we have the opportunity to do so and that we are healthy!

We have a solution with which we are doing well and with which we can continue for a few more weeks. Sometimes we are wild, cheeky and simply wonderful, sometimes productive, efficient and performance oriented.

And the most important thing is that we always have a smile on our faces, a large portion of optimism and already a laughing and crying eye knowing that this special time will come to an end.

A round of applause for my personal little hero, who masters the situation with flying colours!

Stay healthy and cheerful everyone.
Your Julia and little Mr. Sunshine

Julia - Area Sales Representative


New workplace & "new colleagues"

I enjoy working one day a week from home. I like to be able to fully concentrate on my tasks without being disturbed. However, after spending a full week at home and knowing that this will go on for a while, I have to admit I am not a big fan of working alone every day.

I miss the little things that I took for granted up until now: saying good morning to your colleagues every morning, getting coffee together, having small talks about basically everything, but also all the professional discussions and updates you have throughout the day while sitting in one office together. It is indeed a big change.

My working days are different: Now we have daily video calls with the team in which we exchange ideas, discuss tasks and to-do's and questions and at least see each other virtually.

Now, I suddenly have a "new colleague" at home who works for a different company but with whom I share an "office space" now. I get to know some of my partner's everyday work which is interesting. In my case, he is constantly in calls and meetings which means that I try to sneak past him as silently as possible on my way to the kitchen to get coffee or a snack (yes, I still want my coffee or tea, so I just get it alone now without my colleagues which is less fun of course).

I doubt how silent I really am, but I reassure myself that in case he and his colleagues can hear me that I am just imitating noises that are typical for open space offices. I also have a new workplace now. As we do not have a designated office space in our apartment, we had to improvise and split up between the space we have available. My dressing table has now become my desk - not a problem because it is more of a decoration anyway - but unfortunately, it's not very big. Yet, I have to change my workplace anyway throughout the day since our kitchen chairs look great and are comfortable too, however they are not made for a 9 to 5 office routine.

Thanks to my laptop, I am quite flexible and so I can also sit on the balcony for an hour if the weather and tasks permit. Yes, I would actually say I enjoy these kinds of perks when working from home. The flexibility to work outside, or on the sofa, to be able to cook something fresh for lunch, to have the kitchen with all its snacks in walking distance, and to save time because the commute to work can be skipped.

Nevertheless, I am already looking forward to being back in the office with my colleagues and to our normal daily routine. Overall, I am very happy that we have the opportunity to do our work from home and that we have all necessary technology to keep in touch with our colleagues and do quality work. For this reason, I know that we will all try to make the best of this situation, to make sure to keep on moving forward!

Julia -  Online Marketing Manager


Suddenly, my humans are always at home

I don't know why, but for a good week now, my humans have not left the house, they are both always home. Usually, I always have the whole apartment for myself and do whatever I please. But now... there is always a bell ringing somewhere and my humans are always talking. But they don't seem to talk to me?!

On top of that, they sit in front of their flickering, foldable toys and type on them all day long. But I'm not allowed to do that. Every time I get too close to those things, I get scared away. It's so unfair. I don't understand the world anymore.


Cat Sammy & Karin - Head of Human Resources


Home office!

Actually, a great thing if you can choose for yourself, if and when you want to spend a day in your home office. But what about in the long run?!

It's only been a week, okay. No need to panic, yet. But how long is it going to last? When do I see my colleagues back in the office again?

But it is what it is, and we are making the best of it. Fortunately, there are plenty of technical possibilities. Daily updates with the team are possible via video call. Friends and family can also be called via mobile phone camera.

My partner is back at work after being home last week on vacation. So, I can concentrate on my tasks at my new workplace in the kitchen. But once we both have to share the apartment as an office, it will be a new challenge.

I am really glad that we have a large garden at home where I can spend some time, soak up the sun and fresh air. Because of my two rabbits I have to get out of the apartment several times a day to take care of them. Opportunities that I currently appreciate very much. It is a nice change in order not to sit in front of the computer screen the whole day.

It is a surreal, but also exciting time. In any case, we as a team have already proven that we perfectly stick together and work together, even over distance.

Graziella - Content Marketing Managerin

24.03.2020 14:49
by your Krannich Team

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