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Krannich Customer Community - Part 2

Krannich Customer Community - Part 2

How do I advertise my products?

In times of "social distancing" it has supposedly become more difficult to personally present and explain products. At Krannich, we are also facing this challenge since personal contacts have been banned for safety reasons. Our sales representatives, who are normally out on the road on their way to customers, now also need to stay at home. We know that you are affected in the same way.

We all ask ourselves the following questions:

How do I present my elaborately individually tailored offer to my customer? How can I explain all the little important details to him? How do I show my customer that he is important to me? How do I manage to turn my offer into a sales transaction in the end?

To achieve this, now more than ever, must we now rely on digital support. Because we still have to be close to our customers. However, instead of social proximity, now with digital proximity. Fortunately, there are already some great programs that can help us do this and are also available free of charge.

At Krannich Solar, we decided to use the Microsoft Teams Software about a year ago.

With this software, which is currently available free of charge, you can hold online meetings, share your screen and show yourself to your customers via a webcam.

The usage of the software may require some practice, but the explanatory videos from Microsoft will help you to quickly become familiar with the most important features. After you have successfully rehearsed a few times with a colleague or even a family member, you can make an appointment with your client. You create the meeting via Teams and send the invitation to your customer's e-mail address.

Now it is important that you prepare for the presentation in the same way you would for a meeting with a customer.

Here are a few points for your checklist:

  • Outfit: Yes, you work in the home office. Nevertheless, show yourself to your customer with the outfit you would have worn if you had visited him.
  • Environment: Ensure that your environment is calm at the time of the appointment. Close all doors and windows to ensure privacy. Test in advance what is visible on your webcam. A tidy office makes a better impression than chaos breaking out.
  • Questions: Online, of course you can't answer your client's questions with the help of a notepad. But usually you know some of the questions in advance and can prepare the answers digitally.
  • Presentation: You can of course create a presentation for your offer and then share the screen with your customer. For example, you can make sure that you are talking about the same subitem of your offer.

One more important detail:

If possible, activate your webcam. Your gestures and facial expressions are an essential element, especially in sales pitch, where it is also important to build trust with your customer.

Now we wish you good luck for your next customer appointment!


You have other experiences? How do you deal with the situation?

Share your experiences with us! At we are looking forward to your opinion and your contribution to this series!

06.04.2020 08:09
by your Krannich Team

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