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Krannich Customer Community - Part 3

Krannich Customer Community - Part 3

Is PV a safe investment in times of economic recession?

This is certainly also a question that your customers ask themselves.

In recent years, photovoltaics has established itself as one of the most important components of power supply. The production and consumption of our own electricity is becoming more and more important, as the acquisition costs for PV systems have fallen significantly in the past. Due to low compensation for electricity fed into the grid, it is becoming increasingly practical to use the electricity produced for our own purposes. The issue of self-sufficiency is the focus of efficient system use, which is why we pay attention to the use of energy storage systems in buildings.

Investments in times of low interest rates are particularly sensible even without a look at the ROI (Return of Investment). Even without subsidies, a photovoltaic system pays for itself, as the service life of such a system is considerably longer than the ROI.

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16.04.2020 11:15
by your Krannich Team

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