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Krannich Solar Mexico at Home

Krannich Solar Mexico at Home

About Us

Located in Mexico City, Krannich Solar Mexico opened its doors 6 years ago seeking to supply the Mexican market with the highest quality products, in addition to providing personalized assistance to each client by staying by their side before, during and after each project.

Throughout the years we have become a big family and enjoy working together. However, due to recent events we have also decided to mainly work from home now. So, today we open the doors of our homes to show you how our team members go through these challenging times.


Christof Kling - CEO Krannich Mexico

Suddenly, my pet watches me work.”

Manuel Sánchez - Sales Manager Area North

“Working from home (it’s a struggle that does not end)."

Luz Suárez - Cash Manager

"I think at work I can concentrate better on my activities. But right now, I like that I don’t have to spend money on food at work, but instead I am able to enjoy a healthy lunch and dinner with my family.”

Mey Eng - Dynamics

“Even behind closed doors, we wear our shirts!" #wearekrannich

José Armando Hernández - Trainee in administration

"My nephew is learning to say 'photovoltaic', I told him everything we do at Krannich Solar." #StayHome

Nayeli Vela - Marketing and Operations

“No doubt the best part is being accompanied by my little dog. On the other hand, it is a challenge to work alone, I miss the daily interactions with everyone, but we try to keep as much contact as possible through different means.”

Iveth Pineda - Logistics Manager

“I love spending more time with my kids and they understand that mom needs her own time to work, too.”

Hannia Corona - Import/Export Assistant

“My grandpa wants to talk all day because he thinks I'm on vacation.

Karla Pérez - Purchasing Manager

 “I've been living in the same apartment for two years and I haven't even stepped foot in the dining room. Now, it has become my office space.”

Tomás Castillo - Logistics Advisor

"I still wear Krannich shirts even when I'm at home, so I don't lose the habit."

Emmanuel Diaz - Inside Sales Area South

"I am standing guard at the office to provide you with the best possible service."

Eduardo Trejo - Inside Sales Area North

Every time I get up from my desk, I lock my computer, so my dad doesn't write anything in Teams.”

Jorge Segura - Purchasing and Materials Planning

"Like when you have the perfect office space, but you decide to work on the couch instead.” #homeofficestyle

Jimena Roldán - Marketing Assistant

"The best thing about working from home is being able to do it in my pajamas, spend more time with my mother, and be with my kitten."

Carlos Camacho - Inside Sales- Central Area

“Since we started working from home, I have been sharing the work area with my 10-year-old brother, me working with our clients and my brother taking his classes online. Just as I make video calls with my clients, he makes video calls with his teachers and classmates". #dreamteam


Enjoy the little things, stay productive, and above all stay healthy.


26.03.2020 12:40
by your Krannich Team

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