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More Solar Power from the Roof - New Technologies from LG for Higher Power Requirements

More Solar Power from the Roof - New Technologies from LG for Higher Power Requirements

If one thing is certain, it is that the future will bring even more electricity consumption. Future technologies such as electric cars, smart homes and other gadgets all require electricity. The energy requirement of a single-family home could thus rise to over 10,000 kWh in the future. That is why it is important to take this into account when building a solar system today and to maximize the system performance on the limited roof area.

Smart home

One of the big trends is already casting its shadow: The Smart Home. Not only are a wide variety of household equipment and appliances being networked with each other, but other power consumers such as sensors and air conditioning systems are also being added. But a lot of smart home technology also explicitly serves to save electricity.
Another potential consumer in the home is heat generation. With the appropriate control systems, solar power is used to heat water via a heat pump.

Electric vehicles

Even though the self-declared target of "One million e-cars by 2020" was recently reduced by Chancellor Merkel, cars with diesel and petrol engines are on the decline in the long term.
In the future, many garages will have a car that is connected to the power grid at night. This can still be done via the normal grid. With new, more powerful batteries and uniform plug systems, a wall box could soon be part of the normal household. Because then in one night, instead of around 30kWh today, a multiple of it has to be charged.

Gadgets and other small consumers: it's the masses who do it

Today it is mobile phones and tablets that we connect to the charger in the evening; smartwatches and other gadgets will be added soon. The little helpers that make life easier all need electricity. Maybe only a few watts on their own, but in the masses they will also help to increase energy consumption more in the future - perhaps even more than large consumers.

With LG power safely into the future

In order to adapt to these developments, the installation of highly efficient modules is particularly important in order to achieve the best results from the limited roof area. LG has increased module performance to currently up to 370 Wp. This gives the modules a significantly higher output than conventional poly or mono modules. In this way, many thousands of kilowatt hours more solar power will be generated over 25 years. The advantages:

  • Optimum use of the roof area thanks to high module efficiency
  • Reduction of installation costs (fewer modules = saves assembly material and time)
  • Significantly higher system performance than conventional modules

In addition, the LG modules impress with their visual appearance. Homeowners attach great importance to the fact that the appearance of the houses is not disturbed by the solar system. Therefore, solar modules should be discreetly designed and optically adapted to the respective roof. The advantages:

  • The solar power system combines the highest quality with timeless design.
  • The modules with a black frame and, if desired, with a black backing film fit perfectly into the appearance of the roof.

System with LG modules

LG also stands for excellent quality. The purchase of a solar system is a long-term investment that needs to be well planned. The main decision criteria are therefore quality, reliability and longevity. The advantages:

  • High safety, because LG tests its modules at least twice as hard as required by international standards.
  • Each module is thoroughly tested before delivery.
  • LG gives its modules a 25 year product and performance guarantee that is far above the industry average.
20.12.2018 09:45
by Anita Hartmeyer

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