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My start at Krannich (working from home) - part 1

My start at Krannich (working from home) - part 1

Krannich Solar remains growing and is constantly expanding. An impressive number of 65 new employees started at Krannich Germany this year. We met four of them for an interview. They tell you how they perceived their onboarding and the first months at Krannich despite working from home and corona regulations.

In part 1, Pauline, Project Manager in the E-Commerce Department, and Jonas, International Management Trainee, report on their experiences. Enjoy reading!


Pauline - Project Manager in the E-Commerce Department

How long have you been at Krannich Solar and what does your day-to-day work look like?

I started at Krannich in the E-Commerce department on October 1, 2020.The department takes care of all tasks related to e-commerce, i.e. corporate website, online shop, development of a new shop 2.0, etc.

I am responsible for the shop 2.0 project, so on the one hand I coordinate all upcoming steps/to-dos until the launch of the new online shop and after the launch I will also work on the further development of the shop. In addition, the planning and implementation of the rollout in Switzerland and subsequent countries will be an important topic in the future. At the moment, my tasks include agreements with the Krannich Sage team and the agency for the shop, the organization and implementation of the testing process, the creation and follow-up of Jira tickets, the planning and advancement of new shop functions and much more.

How were the first months at Krannich for you?

Due to the current situation, most of my training took place working from home. However, I did not find this a disadvantage, as I felt well supported by various online training sessions, our daily team meeting and regular telephone calls with my direct colleagues. So I quickly got familiar with the topics. In addition, I was able to get to know and understand crucial processes at Krannich through a two-week on-site training in the order management team. Overall, I was satisfied with the training and have always felt comfortable at Krannich over the last few months.

As a new employee, do you feel you are in good hands at Krannich Solar?

I was always told that I could approach my colleagues and my manager with any question or concern and that they would listen to me, and I can confirm this 100%. In addition, the essential topics and contexts were always explained to me in detail. The friendly interaction, the team spirit and the openness in the team were another great help for me, which I am very happy about.

How did you perceive the training from home?

I thought that the training would take much longer than on site. In the end, I didn't notice a big difference to an offline training because of the many phone calls and meetings via teams. Overall, I was very satisfied and rather positively surprised at how all topics can actually be discussed and explained just as well via teams. Getting to know each other was mostly done via teams but with the camera turned on, which is not the same as meeting in person on site, but still comes close to a face-to-face meeting. Especially because of the daily team meetings and the openness in our team, I feel being in good hands and never alone even at working from home.

Have you found a good connection with your colleagues and your manager despite working from home?

Yes, I think so, especially because we communicate a lot via teams and often have the camera turned on.


Jonas - International Management Trainee

When and where did you start at Krannich?

I started as a trainee in International Management in October 2020. At the moment I am in the purchasing department.

Do you feel you are in good hands during your training at Krannich?

The training process is different depending on the department, but the people are all open and always available to answer your questions and advise you on any problems. Everything is explained patiently - in a very collegial atmosphere.

Questions are answered, contexts explained, and everyone ensures my participation in relevant meetings. My trainee programm is also supervised and planned.

As a new employee, what do you like at Krannich?

Before, I was only in big companies, so I knew a dress code, steep hierarchies, and long communication channels - now it's my first time in a Swabian medium-sized company. Especially the relaxed and yet efficient way of dealing, which is promoted above all by flat hierarchies, are new and also nice.

Look forward to part 2 of our blog post "My start at Krannich". There, further colleagues report on their early days at Krannich.

24.02.2021 09:00
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