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Optimum roof occupancy

On the one hand, many system operators want to generate as much solar power as possible on their roof. But the area is limited and cannot simply be enlarged. On the other hand, 60-cell solar modules are very widespread in the market and are often offered as the only alternative. But are they always the best solution?

30 % more power

Due to the clever module selection your customer gets in our
Example (roof size 9 x 8m) over 30 percent more power. That is approx. 2,700 kWh more solar power in one year, i.e. more than half the consumption of a 4-person household.

Due to the different dimensions of the modules, a suitable module can be found for each verge length, which makes optimum use of the available space. This gives your customer a higher performance, its degree of self-sufficiency increases and you secure a competitive advantage.

Krannich Solar therefore offers all common module types and sizes. From small 48-cell modules to large 72-cell modules with 6'' cells. With this variety, every roof can be used to generate the maximum amount of solar power.

New in the range is the 48-cell LUXOR ECO LINE mono with 245 watts.

Especially smaller roof areas can often be optimally used with the 48-cell solar module. In addition, the module is compact, handy and therefore easy to install.

06.02.2018 14:57
by Anita Hartmeyer

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