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Our Area Sales Assistants

Our Area Sales Assistants

Our departments introduce themselves - Part 1

Our order management team acts as a link between sales, disposition and logistics. As part of our large sales team, they take over customer care and the coordination of orders from the moment the sale is concluded until the goods arrive at our customers. So, if you have any questions after the sale is completed, you can get in touch with your assigned Area Sale Assistant. You don't know who your contact person is, yet? No problem, your Area Sales Representative can tell you.

For questions and enquiries after delivery of the goods, our team from After Sales is your right contact. We will also introduce you to these colleagues soon. You can reach our After Sales Team Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. under the following number: +49 7033 3042-230.

In order to introduce our colleagues to you, we asked them what they particularly enjoy about their work in order management.

Have fun reading.


The Team

Melissa Wernecke (Head of Area Sales Assistants)

Every time I can help one of our customers, it makes me happy. Those grateful and satisfied customers are our daily motivation. Besides the daily to-do's such as entering orders and informing our customers about delivery dates, I am also responsible for leading my team and improving our processes as Head of Area Sales Assistants. I am glad to have such a motivated team by my side.

Kevin Betuker

For me, in general the working environment is very new, as I started working here at Krannich immediately after my apprenticeship. My colleagues and customers on the phone made it easy for me to familiarize myself with the new job and I have the feeling that I'm in good hands here. After a few months, I can confidently say that it is fun to get in touch with customers and help them with their questions concerning their orders.

Francesca Giordano

The nice and great thing is that I am allowed to look after several areas, including Austria, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece. So, I never get bored and I have a healthy variety in my daily work. Our team always sticks together, and we support and motivate each other, we have a great communication and a very familiar atmosphere. I am always happy when I can ensure our customers’ satisfaction and when a relaxed and joyful atmosphere is created during the phone calls. It's also a great feeling when colleagues, superiors and also customers are treated at eye level.

Stefania Mezzanotte

I look after our national customers, but also employees from our branches in France, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. The two different activities give me a lot of variety. Both my colleagues and customers motivate me every day to give my best and that is what I personally enjoy most.

Francesco Iannizzotto

I enjoy being able to help our customers every day and being available to answer their questions about the orders. I also find the close exchange with the other departments (sales and logistics) particularly exciting, because you always learn new things.

Yvonne Schnepf

After my three years of study at Krannich, I have already experienced a lot, but my job in order management after graduation still provides me with new challenges every day. I look after our branches in the Benelux countries and despite the geographical proximity, I often notice "different countries, different customs". Our neighbors from the Benelux countries are always good for a surprise. And the nice thing is, I never get bored! Because of the language differences, I am one of the few people in our department who do not have direct contact with the customers. But of course, I am all the more pleased when the sales department tells me that they have satisfied customers.

Katharina Baumann

I am responsible for the areas of Baden-Württemberg and Northern Germany. I enjoy helping our customers with their concerns and queries about their orders. I also enjoy the exchange with my other sales colleagues. So maybe you will talk to me during your next telephone call.

Rawed Kakor

What I like best about my job is the variety. No day is like the other, every day brings new challenges. In addition, there is active contact with the other departments and the most diverse customers from all over the world. A familiar atmosphere also motivates me to give my best every day and broadens my horizon.

11.05.2020 09:00
by your Krannich Team

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