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PV-Talk – Market Outlook 2021 with Jan Brunner

PV-Talk – Market Outlook 2021 with Jan Brunner

2020 was a turbulent year in many respects. Now we are all asking ourselves, what will 2021 be like?

Jan Brunner, our Head of Sales, has prepared a little review and a big outlook for 2021 for you.

In our recorded webinar he explains in detail how 2020 went and more importantly how we think the PV market will develop in 2021, what the current market situation is and what new products awaits you.

The following is a brief summary of what you can expect in the webinar.

Market review 2020 - Solid growth despite the crisis

2020 will be remembered as the year a global pandemic broke out, but also as the year the 52 gigawatt cap for photovoltaics fell in Germany. Overall, the PV industry recorded solid growth. Especially in German-speaking countries, but also internationally, gigawatt markets such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, USA, Brazil or Australia are emerging.

Products - Trends in storage, e-mobility, inverters and modules

Storage market: Storage sizes are growing and so is the number of suppliers. We present some products and give you an insight into the availability of the products, since further delays in the supply chains on the part of the manufacturers are to be expected. You can also find an overview of the storage and manufacturers in our storage overview for download. Also use our overview to find suitable alternatives if a desired product is not available due to the current situation.

E-mobility: The e-mobility trend is becoming apparent in the demand for wallboxes and charging infrastructure in general. KFW subsidies have been in effect in Germany since November 24, 2020. Here, too, the demand is high, product availability low. We give you some tips for planning your purchase and introduce you to new products. For more information on manufacturers and products, download our e-mobility overview. If you are looking for solutions that are currently not in our standard range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Inverters: The trend here is also towards larger inverters, commercial applications and hybrid inverters. You will receive product suggestions and advice from us in the webinar.

Modules: The module sector is currently showing very high innovation potential as we have not seen for many years. Here again, the trend is toward larger modules. The increasing wafer sizes are responsible for this. We show you some innovation products from our range.

Market situation 2021 - Opportunities and risks

We are facing the decade of renewable energies. Forecast scenarios and the development of the markets confirm this.

For the German-speaking region, there are fundamental changes with the EEG amendment on 01.01.2021 and the exemption for photovoltaic roof installations up to 30 kW. In Austria, the subsidy budget has been doubled. The outlook for the other EU markets is also positive. You will receive detailed information on the individual markets in the webinar.

However, there are also risks in terms of availability and rising prices for 2021. Jan Brunner explains in detail the reasons for this and gives concrete tips on how you can deal with them.

You can find all the information in full in our webinar recording.

26.01.2021 08:00
by your Krannich Team

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