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The new generation of flat roof systems

The new generation of flat roof systems

Thanks to their mostly large area, flat roofs provide the perfect base for installing PV systems. Only the rack technology provides the optimal angle of incidence and most effective orientation of the entire system here. Instead of orienting each module to the south in a 30 degree angle, double-sided east-west systems are equally in demand. This allows commercial flat roofs to be used optimally, as there is no need for a gap between the module rows to prevent shading.

A frequent criteria for installing a rooftop system used to be the load-bearing capacity of the building roof. This often concerned roofs that were ideal for a solar system, for instance flat roofs on commercial buildings. These are extensive and usually without shading from trees or neighbouring buildings.

For flat roofs with low load-bearing limit, K2 Systems has continually been developing solutions for many years and is now bringing out the latest generation.

Fifth generation for flat roofs: S-Dome V and D-Dome V

The one-sided S-Dome V and two-sided D-Dome V combine benefits such as stability and ease of assembly – their new features providing solutions to the ever increasing demands of the markets. These systems are the result of expertise gained over many years of optimisation and improvements.

A central feature involves the new smooth-sliding support pad, the so-called “Mat V”. In comparison to conventional structural protection mats, the mew mat has a better coefficient of friction and prevents chemical interactions with the roof membrane. The material EPDM and geometry make these properties possible. That means a second structural protection mat with laminated aluminium is no longer necessary. The system structure also compensates the tolerances on the roof. Both flat roof systems are highly optimised in respect to material and offer a price advantage especially in view of rising aluminium prices.

D-Dome V & S-Dome V

  • D-Dome & S-Dome V with modified geometry for improved accommodation of tolerances
  • Short assembly rails with integrated ballast holder
  • Smooth-sliding EPDM support pad:
    • Compensates tolerances
    • Better coefficient of friction reduces ballasting
  • Reduces logistics costs thanks to smaller transport volume
  • Aerodynamically optimised based on wind tunnel tests


Technical details – Benefits for fitters

Mat V + Rail

  • The smooth-sliding EPDM support pad Mat V can accommodate tolerances, thereby protecting the cladding.
  • The assembly rail is joined to the Mat V by simply sliding it on and comes with an integrated ballast holder.

Dome V SD and Peak with Basis

  • Modified geometry, for accommodating tolerances and material optimised
  • Only one screw connection
  • Reduced volume and weight

Universal module clamp: MiniClamp MC/EC

  • Clamping range 30 - 50 mm
  • Compatible with S-Rock and MiniRail system

Application range

  • Flat roofs with sheeting or bitumen cladding and on concrete or gravel filling
  • Fastening type/Roof connection
  • Stable, if necessary with ballasting; no roof penetration


  • Permissible module dimensions (L×W×H): 1386-2080 × 990-1002 × 30-50mm
  • Minimum system size: 2 stands (4 modules)
  • Special technical features
  • Thermal separation after max. 15.5m
  • Minimum spacing to roof edge 600mmm
  • Angle of inclination 10°°


  • Assembly rails, Peak, Basis, SD and MiniClamps: Aluminium EN AW-6063 T66
  • Mat V protective mat: EPDM
  • Small parts: Stainless steel (1.4301) A2-70
31.08.2018 15:50
by Anita Hartmeyer

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