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Krannich at home office: Part 2

Krannich at home office: Part 2

The 3rd week in the home office begins. Our international colleagues have also sent us great "home stories".


I am proud of our TEAM performance!

I am proud that we (the After Sales and Services team) can provide our customers with the usual advice and support, after the goods have left the warehouse, despite the Corona situation. We are your contact persons for technical questions, before and after the sale.

It is awesome that the new way of communication via telephone, video call and WhatsApp has been so well received which makes working in the new "home office" environment much easier for us. Also, the fact that I haven't had to greet a team member in his pajamas, yet, during the daily team meeting at 08:30 a.m. is something I am personally particularly enthusiastic about =)

Our logistics and freight forwarding partners, who are important partners for us in the daily business, e.g. the detailed tracking of shipments, continue to reliably collect the shipments provided by our warehouse team. We cannot report very much delivery problems! The accessibility of our logistics and forwarding partners has also hardly changed, which is remarkable regarding the current challenges they are facing.

The solidarity and team spirit of the whole Krannich Solar team confirms to me every day, and especially in times like these, that I made the right decision to be part of this great team!

Angela – Head of After Sales & Services


A new morning ritual

Two weeks ago, I moved into my home office space which gives me a great view of the birdhouse in our yard. Ever since then, I’ve been having a nice visitor each morning – a squirrel.
Indeed, we have a little house for squirrels, but so far it has completely ignored that. Apparently, it likes the neighbor’s snacks better.

Stay healthy and happy. And always remember, there is also a life besides the virus and this life will survive the virus!

Bettina - Logistics


With the same enthusiasm, but from home!

Honestly, it has always been a dream of mine to be able to work from home. I always thought it would be great to just be able to do my thing, to drink coffee in my bathrobe while checking the mails. Even if you have a "bad hair day", it’s not a problem because nobody sees it. But I quickly realized that I enjoy having people around me as I am very "present" as a person (my colleagues know that very well)!

The first week went by smoothly, everything was installed, and I was fully operational. For me it is important that I can continue to provide the same service for the customers and thanks to modern technology I can do just that which is great.

...closer to my customers than before...
Despite my great enthusiasm (and believe me it is great), I experience a real difference between "working from home because I can and working from home because I have to".
This situation is for most of us unprecedented. It affects all of us, and basically everyone has the same emotions and questions – us as well as our clients. Phone conversations between me and customers used to be more functional, on a highly professional level. When they called me, I asked them how I could help, and we directly started to talk about business matters. Now, I am still asking how I can help, but I also add on a more personal level the question: “are you and your family doing okay?” I am positively surprised what this question does to my customers as these crazy times seem to bring us all closer together even though we are physically distancing ourselves from others. I suddenly get to know customers on a much more personal level than before, and I really enjoy having these conversations with them.

...the strength to continue...
It is a scary situation we are in and I also have my moments of fear. But it is my faith that keeps me going and allows me to continue my work at home or in the office in the best possible way. I am ready to rock and roll...
With this attitude, I want to say to all our customers, I AM HERE FOR YOU! Even if we must change our planned course of action, we simply adapt and go for it!

Elisabetta - Communications Manager Sales Netherlands


Working from Home - Different, Surprising, Difficult & Nice

I felt all these emotions after my first few days working solely from home. On the one hand, technically-speaking, it was easy to set up our workspace at home as we are all equipped with a flexible set-up. But on the other hand, we did not know what it would be like to work apart from each other. In our office, we have a close and very pleasant working atmosphere. So we thought it would be difficult. However, …

Why did I ever worry about that?
After the first few days at home when we all realized it could be a while until we are allowed back in the office, we got creative and started to set up semi-permanent workplaces at home. This was of course immediately shared via the WhatsApp team that we (the Dutch and Belgium team) have. Among other things, we also use this WhatsApp team to share options how to deal with your kids at home while trying to work. Duct tape played a huge role in these discussion – just kidding of course.

Also, the use of the WhatsApp has increased enormously. We used to have a lot of “live” fun in the office (besides the hard work of course!!) which has now shifted to WhatsApp where we share funny pictures or videos. Needless to say, we also have the same work ethic at home than in the office and I am convinced our customers do not even really notice the difference. At this point I want to thank the whole Dutch and Belgium Team for their amazing work! You guys are great!

Now, I would say our work from home has almost become a routine, we meet via MS teams – which works great! Krannich colleagues worldwide simultaneously participate in meetings. We have also mastered the integration of work at home into the normal daily household live. I can’t believe how fast it goes by.

I spend my working days together with my 10-year-old daughter at the kitchen table side by side with the two laptops on the table! This is a blessing as I normally never have so much contact with my children during working hours and I really enjoy that now. The home-schooling system here works great. Thanks to all teachers for making that possible. My wife still has to go to work every day and I have to admit I sometimes envy her that she can go about her usual routine and ride her bike to work in the sun.

I don’t think I have to tell you that it is a difficult situation we are facing, and we all have our moments of fear and doubt. Fortunately, we can stay connected to friends, family and our colleagues via digital means – suddenly, an emoji is just as valuable as a real hug! Let’s all try to make the best of it and stay positive.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to all my colleagues around the world. We are fortunate to work in this fantastic and stable organization! The passion and compassion with which this challenging time is confronted is phenomenal! "We are confident that we will master this challenge together!"

Martin - Branch manager Krannich Solar Netherlands (and temporarily Belgium)


My new best friend: Alexa

"Alexa, turn the radio on.” I have been starting my working day with this sentence ever since I started working from home. By the way, she is the only one who replies - no matter how many self-talks I have each day.

But joking aside: it takes getting used to working from home. Especially when it's the first time, it takes a little getting used to. But once everything is working fine, it's not so bad after all. The way from the desk to the coffee machine is suddenly much shorter (unfortunately, the way to the fridge as well).

Working from home is completely different from the office. Now, I simply appreciate every order, every e-mail and every phone call. That's why the working days are flying by, after all. But most of all, I miss the colleagues. So, I hope that we can all soon return to our accustomed daily routine and that each one of us will endure this time well.
Take care & stay healthy!

I: "Alexa, time to go home!"
Answer: "Hooray!" ;-)

Melissa - Logistics



Our Krannich Solar journey in Sweden started in October 2018. It was exciting as our goods and services were well received. This meant hard work and a lot of travelling. Throughout 2019, I was all over the country, away from home a lot. My family was very understanding. During the past year we built a strong team that works great together, so my travels have slowed down somewhat lately.

Group chat instead of coffee hangouts
So, a few days ago, our whole Swedish team moved into their home offices – a pretty big change for all of us of course. The small talk at the coffee machine has been exchanged for group chat in Microsoft Teams. Work is mixed with jokes and reflections. The job itself is not particularly affected, the meetings are instead made via telephone and video calls. For the sake of the customers, I fix my hair, which also my wife at home appreciates.

The show goes on
I'm impressed with how Krannich handles this as a company. We are being kept up to date of what is happening in our other offices around the world. We are very proud to be part of it. Our headquarter in Germany has taken good measures to ensure that business continues as usual. The warehouse works in separate shifts, other staff from their homes as well. In fact, almost everyone is more easily accessible as they cannot be in anyplace else than in front of their computers.

These new circumstances we are facing came quickly. One reflection of mine is that we can learn a lot about, not just how we work, but also how to take care of each other and our world in a better way.

Michael - Branch manager Krannich Solar Sweden


Home Office: The Need to Multitask

Home office is a completely new experience for me! I myself have only been with Krannich Solar Austria since the beginning of February and have only just returned to the working world after my maternity leave.

What I like about the Home Office is that I can manage my own time freely and that I don't have to go out in the cold in the morning. But despite everything, it is also a challenge. A lot is new to me and I often have to ask my colleagues for help. But thanks to Microsoft Teams this is not a problem.

And then, I have 2 children, 13 and 3 years old. I always have to remind the 13-year-old that he has no holidays and has to study. My little daughter, on the other hand, wants to be with me most of the time and play with me. The first week was especially exhausting for us, because it was a change for all of us. During the short breaks, I take care of the kids or do some household chores. My son often tries to play with his little sister, then I have some rest while working, but it doesn't last long.

My husband is also working from home, which makes it a little easier to take turns with the children and the household. But we had to be creative concerning the space. He is in our office and I have set up a workstation in the bedroom. But it can be very dangerous because often there are Duplo pieces or other toys lying around ;-)

Rebecca - Area Sales Manager Austria


Home office

As usual, my working day starts at 8 a. m., just differently.

My desk at home is equipped with a monitor, keyboard, phone, laptop, headset, etc. But my phone is a bit old-fashioned to use, especially the forwarding of calls is a bit cumbersome, yet after starting difficulties, thanks to the great support of our IT specialists, it works quite good now. An applause at this point for our IT department! Thanks to their active support and commitment, working from home, works quite well.

Office life is quite different, because instead of occasionally going to the coffee machine, I now go briefly into the living room to take a look at the construction pit in front of our house. A new residential building is being built, construction workers are at work and it is extremely exciting for me to watch the construction progress. But I do hope that the time of the home office won’t take as long as finishing the house!

My lunch break calls, I still have my cereal for lunch, but afterwards I take a short nap on my favorite armchair and then go back to my work in the home office and to my phone even more relaxed!

See you soon

Ulrike - Office Manager


Only kidding

Kosta - Sage software development

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