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World Consumer Rights Day: Know Your Rights

Proper awareness and education can help the consumers to prevent from being exploited and trapped into any unfair trade practices

We have been seeing many unsafe and unfair goods sold by sellers in the solar industry. This is possible because of sellers’ intentions of unfair trade practices and also due to lack of consumer rights and lack of awareness among consumers. This can be prevented by implementing fair trade policies however can never be stopped without proper education and awareness of consumer rights.

Consumer rights mean that every consumer or buyer across the world has the right to have information about the quality, purity, price and standard of various products and services.

In order to make difference in the climate, customers and businesses must lead the way, but end customers play a critical role too. We at Krannich ensure the products we add to our portfolio & the services meet the consumer guarantees. While it is the consumer's responsibility to complete due diligence when taking a project and while procuring products. However, we ensure that the consumers who choose us will remain safe and are treated fairly.

Irrespective of the industry, proper consumer education can help the consumers to prevent from being exploited and trapped into any unfair trade practices. Consumers should understand the contract terms, financing options and legal policy considerations. Before entering into any project contract, the consumer should consider asking the below questions:

  • The period of the contract
  • Who owns the PV panels?
  • What happens if the customer wants to sell the property?
  • Solutions in case of any collateral damages?
  • Liable insurance party
  • Payback period, product warranty and minimum production guarantee
  • Who is to take advantage of state and federal solar subsidies and incentives?
  • Solar leases and power purchase agreement
  • Navigating national, state and local laws and incentives that influence solar investments, including net metering, renewable energy certificates and tax credits

Tracing the source of components and raw material

Solar industry has witnessed sustainability and transparency at a staggering rate. The issue isn’t new anymore. There are cases where the degraded quality of glass, cells and back sheets have been used and the manufacturing gets outsourced from any local manufacturer and labeled the product under Tier A or Tier B brands. Therefore, tracing the sources and raw materials throughout the supply chain, starting from material to the finished end-product, is critical for several reasons, which primarily includes sustainability at the forefront. Robust components and product traceability offer transparency and openness. ALMM is being proposed to check above all loopholes, of course, it is not inclined towards ease of doing business.

We at Krannich not only deliver the best quality products but also check and minimize the unfair trade practices throughout the distribution channel and maintain supply chain transparency so that the risk can be identified and managed properly. 

15.03.2022 11:21
by your Krannich Team

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